Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Still more houses

My daughters friend gave me her childhood dollhouse.
I have sense found a door for the Wolverine.
My latest keystone. I was looking for this one for a while.

40's or 50's store room box

1948 Playsteel
1960's economy lundby
1960's Vero
Salame and Signor 1990
Caroline's House
Cape Cod Wolverine
Inside the Cape Cod
Villa Hogarin
Not a house
It is a display case with Plexiglas front.
Not really a good picture because of the glare I had to take it at an angle
Double keystone put-a-way
1930's Dolly Ann
!950's Albin Schonherr
Another keystone
Princess triang
Before renovations
Small keystone put-a-way

I think it is an Albin Schonherr
But I could be wrong.
The only thing I know for sure it is mine. :)

Toy Store at Christmas
Inside toy store

Rich company named it
"Special House"
1948 Round Plasco House
1938 Keystone I got 4 years ago finally got it together and windows in it.
Speedy I am not, but she is worth the wait.
This one one of my favorite Keystones.
I finally got around to giving this one the TLC it deserved.

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  1. I adore your blog! I am inspired by your posts. Time to get to work on my collection of houses!