Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

New House........ is more work than I thought.

It is Huge! 64 inches long, 31 inches high without chimneys. Needs a lot of TLC.
 New wall paper, paint etc.
I have named her "The big House."
Which I realize is not very imaginative
Kind of like naming a Black cat, Blacky. LOL!
Inside the main house without the extensions
I have stripped the wallpaper in one room. Thinking of keeping the rest in the main house.
It will take me a while to finish this one.

This will be the kitchen once it is re-papered  and updated.
This was the kitchen, it was on the opposite side of the house as the dining room.
So it will be stripped, and re-paper, and will be a den
Both upstairs rooms will be bathrooms.
Sense they go on opposite sides of the main house.

I really have done some work on this.
 It now has a door.
I have finally decided on wallpaper.
I That was difficult for me.
I have 95 %  of the furniture.
I see it finished in my head.
Now just to make it a reality!


  1. Still waiting for Vicki's comment.....

  2. This is a good idea thank for sharing on the website