new house

new house
1945 house sold by Montgomery Wards

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Renwals move into the Round Plasco House

The Bob and Rita Renwal have moved into the Plasco house and adopted the twin
Plasco baby's. Huey and Louie'
So we will take a look and see
 how well they are adapting to their new home and being a family.

Dining Room

Table is set for dinner

Rita is bathing Huey
Louie has had his bath and is playing until bed time.

It would seem Bob has had a little to much to drink
Rita did not need to set four places for dinner..
My guess is he will spend the night on the patio.
Well it looks like Rita spent the day in the kitchen

It is a good thing they do not have a dog house.
Or we know where Bob would be.


  1. Looks like Rita and the twins have adapted very well...Bob not so much. Wonder if it's the new house payments or the twin boys that have come into his life....
    Plasco made such a wonderful house for the wonderful furniture they produced! So glad you have shared it with us!

  2. Or Bob figures Rita can do it all. :) He would not be the first man that felt that way.
    I do love the house and had fun playing with it. And I was thrilled to share it!!!!

  3. The Renwals home looks very cozy! The mama and pups are adorable!

    1. Thank you! I think house is not a home without a pet. :) Especially dollhouse ones. They are easy to care for. LOL!

  4. Did you exchange one of the twin beds, to they complement each other?
    It's become a lovely home.

    1. Yes, I did change the beds. The first ones came with the house when I bought it. These are the matched set that should have been in it. Thank you. I have enjoyed adding things and I will continue to do that. It is a favorite house of mine, therefore I feel the need to play with it. I just can't leave them alone. :)

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