new house

new house
1945 house sold by Montgomery Wards

Monday, September 7, 2015

I am so excited! I am going to pick up my Princess house today!

Of course she will need restoring! But is she not wonderful!
 I am so thrilled.
Wonder if I will be as thrilled doing the work? :)
She is a Triang Cottage
Well she is home and this is the inside. Stairs are missing.
And she needs a total restoration.
Still LOVE it!

Guessing at the cost of the refurbishing.
I am naming her the
Money Pit Princess. HA!HA! 


  1. It has lovely wallpapers, though - all original from the 1950s! Beautiful :-)

    1. Not a fan of of big floral prints, myself. But do so love the house. I have windows, doors etc on the way. Hope I can do the house justice.