new house

new house
1945 house sold by Montgomery Wards

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Amber Alert!!!!! One of the Quintets has been kidnapped!

Doesn't Quintet mean five?

 This is the box they came home from the hospital in.
(I know it is weird!
 But it is my story and I am sticking to it.)
Mom put them down for a nap before leaving them
 with a sitter.
She wanted to surprise them with new dresses.
They don't understand!
 There is her new dress. But where is she?
After Mom left to go  shopping. 
The sitter took her and left them alone!
They wonder will ever see their sister again?  
Can't put her picture on a milk carton.
They did not have them in the 30's!


  1. Is this like an AMBER DOLL ALERT? They are so cute!

    1. Yes, amber alert! :) I would really like to find the other one. They are cute says Made in Japan on there bottoms.

  2. Check under the bed or at the sitter's boyfriend's house....

  3. OH No, I hope you get her back soon! ( maybe E-bay? ) cute dolls, good luck :-)

    1. Good idea! They may ask for ransom on ebay! HA!HA!

  4. Could she be at the store shopping for a different color dress? Maybe she didn't care for purple too much. I hope you find her. Her sisters look a little lost without her.


  5. The girls do look forlorn without her. Hopefully she will be found and they will be one big happy family again. Everyone likes a happily ever after ending. :)