new house

new house
1945 house sold by Montgomery Wards

Thursday, July 31, 2014

One of my Marx Little Hostess houses with Family

1950 Rich

One reason I think the house is 50's.
Is because the plastic bathroom curtains 

were in it when I bought it.
I decided to make this a sitting room.
It looks like I tried to see how much furniture
 I could cram in a room.
Looked a long time for the elusive china hutch.

This house has been done for a long time. 

Chairs are Fisher Price.
 And I love the Kit Cat clock. :)


  1. This is great!! Love seeing the other turquoise pieces in the bedroom...and are those the dolls Marx created for the Little Hostess set? So glad you posted this!

  2. Yes, they are the people that were made for the set. The previous owner was the town shady lady. { shown in an old post.} The new owners are still bothered by a few late night knocks on the door. HA!HA!

  3. Oh so cute!! My grandma had a human size kit kat clock like that, the tail and the eyes moved back and to :-) I might have to see if I can find a mini one for one of my doll houses. Blessings to you,
    sugar, spice and whatever's nice

    1. My Grandmother had one also. Brought back good memories! Why it is special to me. :)