A place to retire

A place to retire
1930's Keystone

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Wedding is over.and her.......... has arrived.

Wonder why she won't look at him?
Clark said" You sure have a lot of stuff."
She said"Turn around, you don't know the half of it."
Will Clark accept his new bride and all her baggage?
After him marring her will the ebay seller take her back?
If he keeps her what kind of feedback will he give?

Seriously who can look at that baby and not love it?
Maybe Clark. 

This is the end of my silly Nancy Ann doll blogs.
Back to dollhouses.
I just love these little dolls so much I had to share them .

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Clark takes a Bride

Clark tried very hard to get to know the orphans.
He just did not find anyone he clicked with.

Then he got a BRILLIANT idea!

He can order himself a Bride off of ebay.
After all ebay has  everything!

I must say she is a beauty. Her name is Victoria.
He feels so lucky to have found her.
But sometimes you  get  surprised when you
purchase something on ebay.
Wonder if he asked any questions about her?
Or just bought her because she is pretty?.
I have a feeling Clark could be in for a big surprise.

He had better wait to give feedback to see how this goes.. LOL!

Saturday, June 2, 2018

The orphans get a rare outing to the park

Sister Mary had a meeting with Clark,
who is looking for love.

He is hoping she can help him.
By introducing him to her students his age.
Looks  like they have arrived at the park.



They are all very excited about meeting Clark.
                                     Wonder who he will Fancy?
                     And  whomever it is, will they return his  feelings?                             

                      After all they are Nancy Ann storybook Dolls.
                     Nothing bad ever happens in fairy tales, Right? 









Thursday, May 24, 2018

Once a upon a time...............

In a faraway land there  was a 1930's Keystone with the new residents.
This is a view of the inside of the whole house. It is furnished with
1931 Really Truly furniture.
This is all Really Truly furniture except the plant stand. It is Strombecker.
Bathroom is all Strombecker.
Kitty looks a little panicky,
wheres the litter box?

This is the couple that live in  the country cottage.
She certainly is a gardener,. look at all the flowers!
It has always been a dream of Ben and Belle's  to move to France to retire.
Some dreams come true.
They will  live happily ever after.

              This remodel was possible because a very talented, good friend of mine. She  made the door
                                              and windows that were needed for the house.
                                                  She has one very similar it can be seen at:


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

You go pick out a house for us. LOL!

This is Frank N. Stein and his wife Elizabeth
And their maid Eva.
Frank told his wife to just go buy a house she liked.
Anything would be fine with him.
So they are trying the living room. It seems comfy enough.

Elizabeth went to the kitchen to check with Eva on
 how dinner is coming. And to get her input on the new kitchen.
Eva seems happy as she can be working in a kitchen. :)
Frank has decided to check out the bedroom.
It looks pretty good.
Well it would seem the bed does not work at all!
Frank can't even go through a door without ducking!
He can't  sleep on the sofa either.
So now Frank is yelling about how this house will not work
for him. And how could she buy
something like this? 

Does he not realize it is HIM not the house?

What a Monster. LOL!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Two wild and crazy guys Move into the rental!

After Bunny Foo-Foo skipped out with out paying the rent.
The owner decided to rent it furnished.  Living room looks good to me.

Nice big bedroom set. Who would not love it?

Nice modern and neat kitchen.

There is the landlady with an eviction notice!
Yortuk and Georg Festrunk have just moved in,
what could they possibly have done to get evicted so soon?

The bedroom still looks okay.
 They did sell half of the furniture that was in that room.
Bad boys, Bad boys! Whatcha going to do when they come for you?

There is there evidence of a lot of empty beer mugs in the sink.

They did buy  a ping pong table.
We know those wild and crazy guys like ping pong.
And they set up a bowling alley!
The neighbors have been complaining about the noise.
Guess we know what got her panties in a bunch. LOL!
You have to admit it works well in the room. HA!HA!

It does not help that she caught him by peeping through the window.
Is that not against the law?
Peeping Thomasina!

What did she expect from two wild and crazy guys?

Well obviously they sure do know how to handle the ladies.
Not only are they not getting evicted,
but they got her to clean up the kitchen.

Wonder what else they got her to do?

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Bunny Foo-Foo Is Back!

After running out on her husband.
Bunny Foo-Foo has done nothing but hop through the meadows,
bopping mice on the head.
So she has finally decided  to rent a house and settle down
for a while.

This is her bedroom.

living Room

Another view

She likes feminine and dainty furniture. A good thing she has no man
in her life now. 

Or did  I speak  to soon?
Her ex Peter Rabbit has tracked her down and is looking in the window.
Wonder will she let him in?
Or call the cops?
Or prepare the vegetables for rabbit stew?
One can't ever tell with Bunny Foo-Foo.

                       This rental has plenty of history.
                                            Go to
                           To see some of the previous renters.
                                 And there is a waiting list  for this rental house.
                                                        Shall see who moves in next?