Pastel Rich

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Peter Cottontail takes a Bride

Peter and Foo Foo Cottontail

Peter explains to his new Bride about his job.
"We color the eggs. Make the baskets and deliver them."

The WE did not escape her. But being a new Bride with a past she kept quiet.
Who has not heard of Bunny Foo Foo?.

But Foo Foo is totally overwhelmed.

She told Peter" I am surprised they don't expect us to lay the eggs too!"
Peter just laughed and told her"No worries,our family will be large
enough by next Easter, we will have all the help we need."

Fact! There can be as many as 233 pairs of Rabbits
because of these two in one year! Or possibly more!

So she has no worries?  HA!HA!


  1. I think a quick trip to Planned Parenthood with Bunny Foo Foo is needed....or The Haven will need to acquire a lot more little houses! Good excuse, however....

    1. She had best get up off the couch for starters! We know what Peter has in mind!
      But on second thought more houses can be a VERY good thing! HA!HA!